Our Services

On-Going Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping and business services for our clients is as extensive as their needs. We are available for ongoing services that can support the needs of the business. As well we can set goals for ongoing training and support.


A’ La Carte Business Solutions

Business services can be customized for each client, depending upon their needs. We work with you to provide everything from financial statement preparation, streamlining operations, setting up payroll, training administrative staff and setting up systems that work best for our clients.


Business Consulting

We meet with new clients to consult on bookkeeping and business services that can save time and money, as well as provide opportunities to focus on growth. Existing clients benefit from an ongoing relationship that puts attention on constant improvement of operations.

Payroll Administration

We can work with HR and Administration to set up effective payroll solutions that create a efficiency and service flow.



We work with in-house personnel to provide training that meets a high standard for bookkeeping and administrative operations.


Preparing Financial Statements

Bookkeeping of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual income and expenditures is available to generate tax-compliant financial statements that meet Canada Revenue standards and are easily transferable to a certified accountant.